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Monmouth County Stalking Lawyer

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Stalking may include physical or verbal contact, including following a person or continually appearing in places where the non-consenting party can see him or her, calling the non-consenting party, or confronting the non-consenting party on public or private property. However, it can also include contact that does not occur in-person or over the telephone. Sending emails, mailing packages, having items delivered, or leaving objects where the non-consenting party is likely to receive them is also considered stalking, if it is done so in a manner that causes the person to feel harassed, threatened, or intimidated.

To the general public, the terms “stalking” and “kidnapping” indicate crimes of obsession. These offenses seem predatory in nature, and while certainly there are crimes that fit the Hollywood stereotype, most acts legally considered to be stalking or kidnapping do not involve random strangers, but rather a person to whom the victim has an actual relationship of some form.

For example, abduction by a non-custodial parent is far more common than a stranger abduction, and these children often go willingly with mommy or daddy rather than being snatched off the street.

Often, those accused of harassment, stalking, or kidnapping believe their actions are misunderstood. However, attempting to clear up a misunderstanding by explaining your behavior to the “victim” or police will only serve to tighten the case against you. If you are questioned about the nature of your relationship or about any alleged harassment, cease all contact with the accuser and tell police that you will not speak to them without a lawyer. Then call IMGLegalGroup a Monmouth County Stalking Lawyer .

Monmouth County Stalking Lawyer

If you have been arrested and have a past conviction stalking in Monmouth County or Ocean County, New Jersey, Contact IMGoldman Legal Group Monmouth County, NJ Criminal Lawyer for advice and representation regarding stalking from a knowledgeable and experienced Red Bank, NJ criminal defense attorney.