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Monmouth County Refusing to Perform a Breathalyzer Lawyer

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If you refuse the breath test, it’s almost guaranteed that police will quickly get a warrant to test your blood or urine for alcohol. Then not only will you have lost your license, but you’ll still have to have your blood alcohol content (BAC) tested.

Police have the discretion to decide whether they want to do a blood test or a breath test to check your blood alcohol content, and you’re expected to submit to either one. Even if you refuse the test when asked, there’s a good chance police will get the information anyway.

But wait, what about the whole “after you’re arrested” clause?

It’s true that under the law, license holders must submit to a BAC test after being arrested, but don’t consider it a loophole. If an officer asks you to agree to a BAC test, it generally means you’ve already been arrested or there’s enough evidence to put you in cuffs.

Rather than wasting your breath arguing with the officer, save it for finding an experienced Monmouth County DUI lawyer. That’s your best bet for challenging the results of a breath test and keeping your driving privileges intact.

Monmouth County Refusing to Perform a Breathalyzer Lawyer

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