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Monmouth County Weapons Charges


Weapons Charges In NJ
  • Juvenile Weapons Possession

  • Carrying a Concealed Weapon

  • Stun Gun Laws and Permit Requirements

  • Unlawful Discharge Of A Weapon

  • Using a Gun for Self Defense: Laws and Consequences

  • State Gun Purchasing Requirements


Monmouth County Possession of a Firearm Lawyers

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Monmouth County Firearms Violations Attorney

At IMG Legal our firm provides experienced, aggressive legal representation to individuals and business clients in Monmouth County, New Jersey facing criminal charges for gun law related criminal charges. Get information for the most common criminal charges associated with gun law crimes, the penalties they carry, and how criminal defense lawyer, Ian Goldman can help minimize the consequences.

Many people charged with New Jersey firearms violations are good people who never intended to break the law. Perhaps you were carrying an illegal firearm passed onto you as an inheritance or given to you by a friend. Perhaps your gun just wasn’t registered properly or was missing a safety lock. Or maybe you intended to commit the gun crime and are now looking for a way to reduce your charges.

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