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Monmouth County Expungement Lawyer

Dedicated Legal Representation in Monmouth County and Ocean County, NJ

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Expungement Lawyer located in Red Bank.

As a Monmouth County expungement lawyer, I speak to customers looking to have past convictions expelled from their record.

Capability for Expungement in Monmouth County and all of New Jersey relies on various components, including the age of the individual at the time of conviction, the kind of wrongdoing submitted, and the period of time that has slipped by since incarceration. With drug crimes, New Jersey expungement depends upon the amount and form of drug possessed.  Not all crimes are entitled for expungement.

Isn’t it hard enough to find a job these days? Employer background checks are more popular than ever, so expungements and sealing are now more important than ever. Criminal records are public records, this means your arrest records are free to the public.

 Call Monmouth County expungement lawyer Ian Goldman at IMGoldman Legal Group and I can explain whether you are eligible to have your conviction expunged.

Monmouth County Expungement Lawyer

If you have been arrested and have a past conviction in New Jersey, Contact IMGoldman Legal Group Monmouth County, NJ Criminal Lawyer for advice and representation from a knowledgeable and experienced Red Bank, NJ criminal defense attorney.

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If you’ve been charged with a crime in New Jersey, don’t just plead guilty without evaluating all your options to fight the case. The law provides that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. That’s what we believe, and why we fight for our clients.