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Alcohol Crimes, Criminal lawyer in Monmouth county, NJ

Monmouth County, NJ DUI | DWI Lawyer

At IMG Legal our firm provides experienced, aggressive legal representation to individuals and business clients in Monmouth County, New Jersey and Ocean County, NJ facing criminal charges for alcohol related criminal charges. Get information for the most common criminal charges associated with alcohol., the penalties they carry, and how criminal defense lawyer, Ian Goldman can help minimize the consequences as your Ocean and Monmouth County  DUI Lawyer.

Alcohol Related Crimes

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Monmouth County Criminal Lawyer, Ian Goldman can help. We offer a free Alcohol Offense consultation to discuss your legal matter during which all the facets of your case will be thoroughly examined and advice will be offered to you on how to proceed. If you choose to retain us, it will be our goal to provide you with a service that will be of benefit to you and your family. A Monmouth County DUI or Monmouth County DWI is a serious issue that needs advice from a local attorney.

DUI Lawyer Monmouth County –Drunk driving offenses in Monmouth County are among the most serious charges an individual can face. In addition to the severe penalties imposed by the Court, DWI defendants experience the embarrassment and stress associated with these potentially life-altering charges.

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DUI crimes in Ocean County or Monmouth County, NJ can be charged as either misdemeanors or felonies. Having a DUI attorney can help minimize consequences.

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Boating DUI/BUI

All states including in Ocean County or Monmouth County, NJ have not only drunk driving laws, but also drunk boating laws.

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Selling Alcohol to Minors

A person who sells alcohol to a minor commits a crime in Ocean County or Monmouth County, NJ.


Refusing to Perform a Field Sobriety Test

Common field sobriety tests and your legal right in Monmouth County, NJ to refuse to perform them.

Monmouth County NJ DUI Lawyer

Refusing to Perform a Breathalyzer or Provide a Blood Sample

In most states including Monmouth County, NJ, drivers who refuse to cooperate can have their licenses suspended.

Monmouth County NJ DUI Lawyer Open Container

Open Container Laws

Open container laws in Ocean County or Monmouth County, NJ vary considerably. Laws vary state to state, and many localities have additional laws.

Providing Alcohol To A Minor

Minor in Possession of Alcohol

Learn about the laws and penalties surrounding underage drinking and possession of alcohol by a minor in Ocean County or Monmouth County, NJ.


Public Intoxication

Public intoxication, drunk in public, drunk and disorderly conduct – all refer to the same crime that’s treated differently in Ocean County or Monmouth County, NJ.

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Underage DUI: Alcohol

Minors who drive with BAC over the legal limit will lose their licenses and may also face other penalties Monmouth County, NJ.