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The bulk of time, everything seems to be fine when people of different sexes, colors, creeds and races coexist without any form of trouble. However, too often we find untold disorderliness, injustice, harassment, discrimination, abuse and hostile treatment.Hostile work environment depicts harassment of an employee based on his or her sex, age, religion, disability or other factors to the extent that the working atmosphere becomes unbearable. The law offers protection against workplace harassment. In the event of suffering harassment, you need to get a good Monmouth County harassment Lawyer, especially when it relates to your job.

When you are being harassed at work, the first step you should take is report the harassment to the HR person, supervisor, somebody in the legal department of the company or someone who is not involved in the harassment. Employers are required to have non-discrimination and harassment policies. However, the HR person or supervisor, having been informed of the harassment, may fail to take instant and appropriate action to redress the wrong.

Factors That Suggest Illegal Harassment

Actions or behaviors that discriminate against race, age, gender, religion or disability
Pervasive behavior or communication from the boss or someone of higher rank
Severe hostile behavior or communication to the extent of disrupting the employee’s work

From the foregoing, we can hear your story and tell you:

if you have a case
if you have been truly harassed or discriminated against
if you can get relief

The likelihood of winning damages is, to a large extent, dependent on your lawyer. A good lawyer must be able to uncover the evidence proving damages and present it persuasively to win compensation for the harassed individual. For a NJ Lawyer consultation to learn if you have a harassment claim, contact IMG Legal Group.

Monmouth County Harassment Lawyer

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