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Monmouth County Federal Crime Defense Lawyer

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Monmouth County Federal Crime Defense Lawyer

If you face federal criminal charges, you may already know that you need superior representation.

Federal authorities tend to build strong cases prior to indicting suspects. An accused person whose attorney is not experienced in federal cases could be a sitting duck for federal prosecutors who better understand the rules, laws and procedures of New Jersey federal courts.

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Federal criminal charges are different than state criminal charges. At IMG Legal Group we provide as much information as we can about federal criminal charges so that people who are caught up in the federal criminal justice system have access to as much information as possible.

Federal Criminal Defense

Federal criminal charges are different than charges in state court. Most people know something of how things work in state court, if only through television shows. Federal court is different. If you’re facing federal charges, you should know what these differences are. You should hire a lawyer who knows what the differences are too. If you’d like to talk to a lawyer with experience in federal court, call Ian Goldman at (732)993-7295.

Here are the major differences between state court criminal charges and federal criminal charges:

The Prosecutors Are Different

Federal prosecutors are called Assistant United States Attorneys. They tend to have fewer cases than state prosecutors and they tend to spend more time working on the cases they bring.

The Judges Are Different

Federal crimes are heard by federal judges. There are two kinds of federal judges that will be involved in any federal felony. First, there are United States Magistrate Judges. A magistrate judge will likely be the first judge you appear in front of after you are arrested on federal charges. A federal magistrate judge may also hear some motions in your case. The second kind of judge is a United States District Judge. These judges are appointed by the President of the United States and confirmed by the United States Senate. A federal district court judge serves for life, and can only be removed by being impeached by the Senate.

The Court’s Schedule Is Different

A federal district court judge has many fewer cases than most state court judges. In state court, many cases are set for the same court hearing. This rarely happens in federal court. If you have a court hearing in federal court, normally your case is the only one that will be heard at that time. If you have a trial set in federal court, your case is almost always the only case set for trial in front of that judge on that day.

Bail Is Different

In state court, bail is often simply a question of coming up with money. In federal court, by contrast, the judge will impose conditions of release, and supervision by an officer in a federal pretrial services office. These conditions can include a monetary bail, but more likely they require you to check in frequently with the pretrial services officer, receive mental health testing or treatment, and submit to a review of your financial information – particularly for a white-collar crime. Sometimes, if someone is a more serious risk of flight or a danger the community, the court may require that the person live at home on electronic monitoring, with an ankle bracelets. This is becoming more frequent when the person who is accused of a crime has significant contacts outside of the United States.

The Jury Pool Is Different

In state court, the jury pool comes from people who are in the same county as the court. Potential federal jurors, on the other hand, come from the judicial district or judicial division where the court is located.  A federal judicial district normally includes a large number of counties.

How Sentence Is Imposed Is Different

Federal sentencing is based on the federal sentencing guidelines, and a host of federal laws that govern how a sentenced is to be imposed in federal court.

How to choose a Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer.

When choosing a federal criminal defense lawyer, you will want to go with someone who has experience handling cases similar to yours. You also will need to have confidence in your attorney. After all, this is the person who is defending you from potentially serving years in prison. Prior to hiring the lawyer, schedule a consultation to ensure you trust the lawyer to adequately represent you.

Individuals and businesses facing the threat of investigation or imminent federal criminal charges are urged to contact the Monmouth County, NJ Criminal Defense Lawyer at the law office of IMGoldman Legal Group today for a complimentary consultation and immediate intervention from our respected Monmouth County, NJ Criminal Defense Law Group.