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Monmouth County Criminal Mischief Lawyer

Dedicated Legal Representation in Monmouth County and Ocean County, NJ

The offense of criminal mischief is one of those broad offenses that can be charged as a catch all crime.  It typically involves destroying property to defraud an insurer or tampering with property which recklessly endangers human life or human health and safety.

People sometimes assume that because vandalism is “just” a property crime, the penalties are not serious. But while acts of vandalism may not injure others, they do cause financial hardship, which means there can be significant legal consequences.

If you are convicted of committing vandalism or other property crimes in New Jersey, such as spraying graffiti in Monmouth or Ocean County, you may be heavily fined, sentenced to community service, placed on probation, and even incarcerated, in addition to facing other penalties.  Where vandalism causes major financial loss to the property owner, you could even be convicted of committing a felony. It is crucial that you are represented by a skilled and experienced Utah vandalism defense lawyer if you have been charged with property destruction or a related offense.

Monmouth County Criminal Mischief Lawyer

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