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Monmouth County Monmouth County Child Abuse Lawyer

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Many child abuse investigations result in unsubstantiated or false allegations made by a child, a teacher, or one of the parents. Our Monmouth County Child Abuse Lawyers at IMG Legal Group take child abuse very seriously and support legislative efforts to protect children.

Unfortunately, many parents, relatives, and other adults are falsely accused in retaliation for a failed relationship or because of the whims of a child. When a person is accused of child abuse, he or she generally is condemned by well-meaning but horrified third parties without first seeking the truth. This rush to judgment – a natural result of our instinctive desire to protect children – makes it difficult to obtain a fair trial with the presumption of innocence intact.

Child abuse attorneyIan Goldman is dedicated to child abuse criminal defense and is also well known in the legal community for expertise in this area of law.

Criminal charges involving child abuse often have an emotional factor that needs to be part of an effective defense. We use our experience and knowledge to investigate every detail of the charges, select a fair, unbiased jury, and present a defense case that is based on protecting the person’s rights, keeping him or her out of jail, and helping minimize the consequences of the charges.

Monmouth County Child Abuse Lawyer

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